Small Size Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave)
SNA500 I Series

Sterilizers for laboratory, industrial and scientific applications, feature adjustable temperatures and cycles for solids and liquids, dedicated diet autoclaving cycle, and user-friendly controls. Non-proprietary components.


  • Life science research facilities, microbiology laboratories, and biosafety BSL2 and BSL3
  • Sterilization programs for solids, including protein diets. Adjustable temperatures.
  • Sterilizations for liquids in non-hermetically sealed containers
  • High-efficiency and customization for reduced utility consumption
MatachanaUSA SNA500 l - Small Size Steam Sterilizer Autoclave


  • S/s Chamber and Jacket 1.4404 (AISI-316L)
  • Pneumatic sliding vertical door(s) built from S/s 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
  • High-resistance silicone seal locking system
  • Hinged front door for easy access to service chamber
  • Chamber and steam manometers in the front (loading area)
  • High-performance vacuum using water ejector (Venturi system)
  • User-friendly interface for a quick view of controls and parameters
  • Digital thermal printer for cycle recording


  • Adjustable temperature between 105 and 135 ºC, with probe inside the chamber
  • Low temperature, with adjustable values between 70 and 105 ºC
  • Air treatment system through a 0,2 μ self sterilizable filter condensate line and condensates treatment
  • Connectivity to external cooling system for increased water savings and autoclaving reduced cycle time
  • Touchscreen in unloading area. Video recorder
  • Customization available upon request 

Available in the following chamber sizes: 

W H D Cuft
20 20 27 6
20 20 40 9
20 20 51 11



Small Steam Sterilizer for Life Sciences (Autoclave)


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