Steam Sterilization Quality Assurance Monitoring products for Laboratory facilities

Matachana USA provides high quality monitoring Indicators to ensure reliable, repeatable testing of the sterilization process:


What is the best way to test proper air extraction in your sterilizer / autoclave? Use a certified and proven reliable B&D test pack (ref. 85681.5) to verify that the removal of all non-condensable gases has been achieved with proper air extraction from the chamber. A B&D Test offers a full air removal guarantee by simply verifying a change in color, this way acknowledging that the sterilizer is under working condition. It is easy to use and requires no special additional testing instruments or incubators.

  How do you test and confirm sterilization conditions inside the sterilizer’s chamber? Many Chemical Indicators on the market can be useful as reference for your procedures. However, new synthesis and printing techniques have been evolving to precisely scale and integrate Chemical Indicators. The MATACHANA Type 5 Integrating Chemical Indicator (ref. 85013.2) will give you one-to-one results when compared to spore survival Biological Indicators. As a further assurance, the use of these scaled results means there is no room for misinterpretation.  With such an operation scheme, you will thoroughly verify, every single load configuration.
  How to test microbiological viability after your sterilization process without spore survival risk?  There are many Biological Indicators on the market, most of them use the spores of microorganism Geobacillus stearothermophilus, specifically for saturated steam. The need of extended incubation times (72 hours or more is common) is the key to avoid any spore survival risk. MATACHANA Biological Indicators (ref. 85022) present an incubation time of only 24 hours before ensuring the Sterility Assurance Levels for your sterilization process.
  Where do I get an incubator? The MATACHANA Incubator (ref. 85208) is a simple heater to incubate your Biological Indicators after a completed sterilization process. Simplicity means that the read out of the changing color can be carried out by the user which is the most recommended method by many auditing institutions. 



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